Enjoy Listening to a Great Indie Singer Chonna Cristelle



Do you like talented musicians making interesting, thrilling music? Surely you are, everybody does! Music is without any kind of doubts the most powerful form of art among all existing. Nothing can shake your heart and your mood as much as a song could. This is an opinion that not only I share, but millions of people out there! Well, this is not the topic of this article. What I started it for, is to share with you the joy of discovering something new, unusual, interesting and emotional on our musical market.

So, in this short review I would like to share my opinion about listening to this young indie artist, Chonna Cristelle. I have just listened to one of her newly recorded songs, – “Ink Blot” Official Video. Well, I would like to start with a compliment. The overall quality of the music and video is something I enjoyed a lot. From the beginning, I heard an intro that was very intriguing, and slowly elaborated, it entered into the chorus where a typical indie lyrics motive sounded. Here I should pass one more compliment, as Chonna has been successful at sharing her inner darkness instead of hushing what society doesn’t like listening to. A call for the wildness is something that many Indie singers attempted to achieve. Unlike most of them, Chonna Cristelle has succeeded. The girl has written both the music and the lyrics. She was smart enough to start a collaboration with a producer with a good musical taste. He has recorded a great track! While listening to it, I have really penetrated the atmosphere the singer suggested. I enjoyed the arrangements and the band playing. It’s music that is alive! Today, in our era of musical clones, it is not easy to find some new music. Gladly, today I have been successful at it. Having paid attention to some other tracks she already has, I can say she is amazing!


To learn more information about Chonna Cristelle and listen to her new song Ink Blot from her upcoming EP, rush to click on the following link and listen to it! I recommend you do it since she is really good, both music and the content. And not the least, Chonna is an attractive lady I enjoy looking at. Hope her career keeps on going ahead as her talent deserves worldwide exposure, this is for sure. Wishing you the best of luck!

For more information about indie artist visit the website.

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