Step this way to discover some refreshing hip-hop sound


They say you are what you eat, we say you are what you listen. Tired of the mainstream and all the songs that are on repeat on your favorite radio station? Looking for something fresh and inspiring to add to your playlist? Trying to be ahead of your friends in your music knowledge and discover new artists before everyone else? Then you are a real music connoisseur who appreciates quality and indulges in the beauty of the sound. Whether you like hiphop, rap, pop, scratch, techno or electro, chances are you already have a long list of artists you appreciate and whose career you follow from up-close. Today this list will add one more amazing hiphop artist that will definitely thrill your ears and make every fiber in your body vibe.

Music is a huge part of our lives. Whether you are a musician, a dancer, a film producer and actor, you know that finding the right sound for your art is paramount if you want to catch the attention of your audience. However, even if you professional has nothing to do with art or music, you still depend greatly on a great soundtrack in your daily life. Turntableism in your headphones will help you tune out the noises of the city, and keep you pumped up throughout your day, hiphop tracks with their catchy beat and insightful lyrics will help you stay strong and motivated. The only thing you need to do is make sure that whatever music is playing in your headphones or in your boxes is worthy of your time and your attention and contributes to you feeling better.

As promised, today, you are going to discover an amazing hiphop artist coming all the way from the Serbia. A bit maker and producer, a member of the Carski Rez Collective, collaborated with most of the important Serbian tail heads, Skubi brings to the table great hiphop vibes and bits that will most definitely make your feet move and make you want to step n eh dance floor. One of the latest productions, a collaboration with DJ BKO, is now available on YouTube and is a fine example of what quality scratch and turntableism should sound like.  Their track titled “ON D BIT” already won the hearts of Serbian and Bosnian fans and got excellent reviews throughout Europe and now it is your turn to check it out and state your verdict whether it is worthy or not of your playlist.

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